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The Pastificio Labor is a company specialized in pasta "Special Formats", with a tradition of fifty years in the market area. The "Delizie dell'Antico Pastaio Balzano" are characterized by an excellent quality that we reach through the use of selected primary products, together with a slow and gradual dry process. This is one of the secrets to product a high quality pasta.

Pasta is dried in a natural way, slowly, as in ancient times, when they used to dry it on open air. Only in this way it's possible to keep unaltered the nutriotional properties of the grain and of the bran.

Our new factory, in which we have the most modern plant, is located in the heart of the Campania, in the city of Scafati, in the province of Salerno.

Among our clients we can count the most important national pasta factories and big north american and english distributors.

The Fusilli Lunghi col Buco, the Cannelloni, the Lasagne Festonate, the Grain Nests, the Egg Nests, the Spinach Nests, the Tomato Nests, are some of the specialties we product and pack in respect of the tradition.
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